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Want to be apart of a meaningful open collective?

Want to feel like you're really contributing to something and be apart of the next generation non-profit open-source community? Well, we can all dream, but you can help us get there; By contributing and manning the decks, captain!

Well we're looking for optimistic creative minds that don't mind volunteering their time to help out a non-profit collective who's goal is to teach others how to code through crowdlearning, hang out, play games and spread positivity.

In order to stand by our mission, we need more heads on our team. And it could be you, yes you, to bring us to the next level. This brings back memories of beating the first level in Super Mario Bros... πŸ„

We will soon be rewarding your team efforts through swag.

It's like a whole new game.

Coming very soon we'll be giving out team shirts and official stickers to the team members who contribute a lot to the collective and are active.

List of things we plan to do together:

⚑ For Top-tier active team members

  • Give you support, because co-workers are the best type of support.
  • Flexible hours, because that's what volunteering is!
  • Play some dank ass games and beat you in Rocket League.
  • Create a fun environment to be around.
  • We have a lazy work ethic but don't let that distract you from your actual work. This is serious bees knees.
  • The gift of giving. We like to gift games to each other. Crazy concept right? We just love being nice, it's a great quality.
  • ⚑ Send you a sticker so you can use that sticker to stick on your face for significant endorsement. (Actually don't do that)
  • ⚑ Send you an officially official Team Shirt when they've been tested in the top secret vault of all vaults. (A warehouse, I just wanted to make this sound dramatic and adventurous)
  • And as always, if you're not happy volunteering, you can always revert back to being a student and stick us on your resumΓ©. Volunteering has always been completely optional and opt-out/opt-in! You can leave at any time!
  • We don't bind you to an NDA or contract. We're not a traditional team. We appreciate that people come and go in life and that's completely fine by us. No hard feelings. <3

So where can I do the thing with the thing?


You mean submit your application? Here are the links:

Team Volunteer Page

Engineering πŸ‘‰ Developer

Communications πŸ‘‰ Coordinator

Marketing πŸ‘‰ Marketing & Outreach / Community & Events

Education πŸ‘‰ Professor / Assistant

Speculative Positions πŸ‘‰ Apply / [email protected]

We use AngelList for the most part because it's boss af and is great for startups. So shoutout to them for providing free recruitment to startups!

We hope to see you on the other end on that application! If not, we'll get back to work on providing you the goods and services. Can't go wrong with free and open-source. :)

Stay cheesy!

Volunteer @ Cheese.lab
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