Cheese.log - 10th May 18


  • .duty command now has an idle feature for team members. It's like when you're lurking for some reason you can broadcast that to #activities in a heartbeat
  • Opting in and opting out of activity zones are now here! You are now able to optionally join specific activity zones such as Gaming and DIY. You can use: .optin [diy/gaming] or .optout [diy/gaming] to join/leave the zones at any time.
  • The enroll process has had a makeover. If new recruits accept the Code of Conduct, special things will start to happen and you may or may not summon Continuity


  • We now have a brand new Team Page! Come check out the talented scientists who volunteer their time to make Cheese.lab amazing
  • Restructure of the homepage. We thought it looked a bit messy so we tidied things up and switched things around.
  • The blog! The thing we're typing on, duh.
  • The Cheese.lab Ideas Factory is now open for feedback! You can leave feedback by signing in with GitHub or by using email! Check it out here
  • Test Subject 0001 has gone missing from our facilities and we need help to try and find him.


  • Stickers are coming. We're looking into it. We're currently getting some delivered so be on the lookout. We're not sure when we're going to start giveaways. Hang tight!
  • We're looking for volunteers! Come and have a go if you think you're scientific enough. Actually don't worry, you don't have to know coding to help us. It's not rocket science.
Cheese.log - 10th May 18
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